Pest invasion: our Exterminators’ tips

Here are a few recommendations from our team of Exterminators on how you can prevent an infestation from occurring in your residence:

  • Verify that window and door screens are fully intact
  • Stack and pile wood away from your immediate
  • Avoid the accumulation of junk and debris around your home such as old tires where stagnant water can accumulate on the inside serving as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies.
  • Verify that external electrical outlets and water faucets are properly sealed
  • Regularly clean the debris under your porch and steps
  • Clean the eaves-troughing and gutters
  • Maintain your garden beds, prune any dead branches and remove debris
  • Build a one foot rock or pebble barrier around the perimeter of your home to create a dry zone where insects won’t breed.
  • Travel with a hard case suitcase to avoid bed bugs from adhering to the cloth and seams on the outside of your luggage.
  • Regularly clean your BBQ